Poverty Point Reservoir

In Hurricane ravaged Louisiana, drowning in water and political corruption, money flows to build 14 new Reservoirs. Gov. Kathleen Blanco supports waste of Billions with 150 natural and 30 man-made existing lakes. Self-serving Politicians using Eminent Domain and tax money to build reservoirs are realizing personal gain.

Louisiana is in the residential Real Estate business. Legislator Developer Rep. Francis C. Thompson has Lakefront lots for sale at Poverty Point Reservoir and State Park located in Richland Parish 3 miles north of Delhi off La. 17.

The 2,700-acre reservoir, located in the Mississippi River alluvial flood plain has southern and northern dams extending from Bayou Macon to the Macon Ridge, an east levee, a tainter gated outfall structure, and a perimeter roadway.

Lacking natural flowing streams, the reservoir required diversion of the existing Cypress Bayou, closure dam in Cypress Bayou, diversion channel from Cypress Bayou to Macon Bayou, and a new bridge on LA Hwy 17.

Poverty Point Reservoir, Lacking natural flowing streams uses six pumps to supply water to the lake. Two large 36'' inch diameter pumps supply water from Bayou Macon, a ditch bayou flowing from Lake Chicot in Arkansas.

Poverty Point still uses four large bore 16" inch Mississippi Aluvial Aquifer water wells as a source of water for the lake.

Poverty point is clouded in a controversy of Political wrong doing, and possible illegal activities. Politicians using Eminent Domain and tax money are profiting. Eminent Domain was used, and 26 pieces of property taken to build the lake.

Thanks to residents of Delhi, La for pictures below, and details about possible wrong doing of Cypress timber cut and hauled at night after property was obtained by the state. Other possible wrong doing reported is rock intended for the lake used on private property, and rock taken from Madison Port used on private lots for seawalls.

Poverty Point Reservoir, created 1992 by Rep. Francis C. Thompson with brother Michael Thompson as consultant, built by Denmon Engineering has cost taxpayers over $40 Million Dollars with $3.5 million approved for 2005.
Federal money obtained by Sen. Mary Landrieu adds another $1 million for 2005.

Will the Millions of Dollars continue to flow like water year after year forever?
Poverty point is receiving $3.5 million for 2006 with $500,000 in cash from the state General Fund. Thompson's Reservoir Development Fund, House Bill No. 1129 of 2006 secured another $980,000 in cash for the Golf Course.

Rep. Thompson's Legislation is creating Reservoirs in Richland, Ouachita, Allen, Caldwell, Morehouse, and he has promoted them in Washington and other Parishes with $41,975,000 approved for 12 in 2004, and $55.2 million in 2005.
Thompson's brother is consultant on 7 of 8 lakes receiving $39,490,000 for 2006 .

In 2001, Rep. Francis C. Thompson created House-Bill 1136 allowing sale of land taken by Eminent Domain to a Third-Party.
Thompson and his next-door neighbor are now selling Lakefront-lots.

Legislator Developer Rep. Francis Thompson’s Cypress Cove at Poverty Point-LLC is selling Lake front lots.
Picture below shows Thompson's 12-acre dogleg Peninsula with rock lined seawall lots for sale.

Thompson's pier and boathouse with use of Cypress, and same color roofing tin as State Lodges and Cabins.
Francis is currently building a $300,000 home on one of his lakefront lots. (Below: View from other side of Peninsula)
Thompson's friend purchasing one of his lots is William R. Coenen, Jr. also in real estate as Coenen Properties-LLC, legal council for the Reservoir Commission, and District Attorney for Richland Parish.

Michael L. Thompson
in real estate, former Delhi Mayor now Consultant receives $100,000 a year per lake for Allen, Washington, Morehouse, Caldwell, LaSalle, and has proposed Reservoirs in Ouachita, Jackson and Lincoln parishes.

Thompson was Director of Poverty Point Reservoir, and a former business partner of the lake builder Parish Engineer Terry D. Denmon of Denmon Engineering. Thompson is now director of the Golf Course.

Gov. Blanco's transition team member, Mike Thompson’s Commerce Industry Board position is questionable.
Nepotism, Cronyism, conflicts of interest, and ethics violations seem to exist.

Michael L. Thompson's Consultant office located at 5222 Highway 17 Delhi, LA is built out of Cypress, and across the highway from the lake, and his brother Clyde Thompson's Lakefront house.

The first rock-covered driveway in the foreground is the driveway to Mike's home.
Aerial view of lots, and private road taxpayers paid for. Taxpayers paid $1.2 million for Poverty Point Island Lots development with a $2.2 million keyed gate entry private road sold for $621,200 dollars to Thompson's neighbor.

Those developers who began the project as a private enterprise worked out an arrangement with the Office of State Parks to retain land within the park for private residential development. Private residents use an electronic card to gain access to their property at any time of the day or night. "It was a big step for the parks department to get involved in something like this," Taylor said. (Billy Gibson LOUISIANA COUNTRY May 2004) Louisiana is in the residential Real Estate business.

Thompson's neighbor Frank E. Maxwell Jr. is selling lots as Settlers Point under Poverty Point Development Company-LLC. The partners have also established Settler's Point Homeowners Association-INC.
Maxwell is director of Ouachita Independent Bank; available for lot financing, and his co-partner Shelton T. Parker, Jr., and Lawrence W. Pickett are also directors of Commercial Capital Bank.

Official bank for the Poverty Point Reservoir District, Guaranty Bank directors are Frank E. Maxwell, III, co-partner of Settlers Point, and William R. Coenen, Jr., legal council for the Reservoir district.

Delhi Residents say, "Thompson possibly angry with Maxwell because Denmon Engineering was not used for additional development installed the Keycard entry gate, and raises questions of possible kickbacks".

Is Denmon Engineering, always the selected contractor, a possible violation of open bidding law due to HCR60 by Francis Thompson in 2003 saying D.O.T.D. may select who they want?
Rep. Thompson, and Denmon both serve on Aquaculture Advisory Council.

Denmon, Vice Chairman of Wildlife-Fisheries may be a conflict of interest, and his lake-site selections may destroy Scenic streams, Wildlife, and Endangered species he is supposed to protect. Denmon receives $800,000 for site selection report.

Clyde Nolan Thompson 2 story Lakefront home built of Cypress is located at 5227 Highway 17 Delhi, LA.
Clyde is director of the Madison Port, and retired teacher, but lists occupation as farmer on Campaign contributions.

Could Clyde be receiving financial aid or grants as a farmer since his brother Francis is on Agriculture Committee?
Delhi Residents say private boat ramps are prohibited at Poverty Point, but Clyde and Reservoir Commission member James Strong seem to enjoy special privileges and excluded from this rule. Clyde's rock-covered driveway is on the left.

The old Poverty Point Reservoir Commission office, taken by Eminent Domain was transfered to Office of State Parks.
Residents say, Mr. Joe Amacker's home was condemed because his carport would possibly flood, and
Reservoir Commission member (Jimmy) James T. Strong took the property for money he had loaned him.
Jan 14, 2004 transfered to State Parks along with Marina, Cabins, and Gatehouse.

The New Poverty Point Reservoir Commission office is located at 5819 Highway 17 Delhi, LA 71232.
Kathy Cleveland was, or is, the Secretary for the Reservoir Commission with pamphlets of lots for sale in her office.
The Lake was filled with water in 2001. She has been there since the beginning in 1992.
On Oct 20, 2005, Richland Parish Sheriff Charles McDonald says 53-Year-old Kathy Cleveland of EPPS is charged with two counts of Felony and 16 counts of Forgery in connection with the Alleged embezzlement of $150,000 in Reservoir District Funds. After she was booked into the Richland Parish Detention Center, Cleaveland was released on bond of $187,500. McDonald said Investigators had determined the thefts had occured over a five-year-period, dating back to 2000.

She is believed to be the key to exposing political wrong doing in the controversial Poverty Point lake project. District attorney Billy Cohen has recused himself from the case since he is also legal counsel to the Poverty Point District.
The matter was referred to Attorney General Charles Foti who has launched a pilot program to encourage treatment instead of jail for persons caught embezzling because of a gambling habit. . . could it be that Cathy Kleveland has embezzling money because of a gambling habit?

Business is Booming at Poverty Point.



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